Griffin's Faces Case Rips Off A Certain Mr Potato

Since the idea of jamming humorous facial features into a non-descript vegetable turned out to be one of the most popular toys of all time, Griffin must've figured the same thing could happen with their new customisable Faces cases for the iPod Touch. Unfortunately, lightning rarely strikes twice.

Available in two stereotypical gender-specific versions, their silicone cases come in either a blindingly neon pink female, or neon blue male variety. And just like Mr Potato Head, either case can be customised with an included set of three unique mouths and six different eyes. But unlike Mr Potato Head, these seem to be lacking any kind of unique charm that would endear them to kids for years to come. Each set is available for $US25, though for some reason only for the iPod Touch. iPhone users will have to settle with a sharpie or liquid paper if they want their devices to smile.

[Griffin Faces via Chip Chick]

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