Google Relieves Its Growing Pains With HQ Expansion

While Apple plans to start from scratch with its fancy new spaceship-inspired headquarters, Google seems content to just continue buying up property and buildings around its already sprawling Mountain View campus.

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Google recently spent $US100 million for a group of two story buildings near their HQ known as The Landmark at Shoreline. The expansion, which is the company's largest property purchase in Silicon Valley this year, provides them with an additional 22,296m2 of space that's zoned to hold somewhere around 960 employees. However, it's not the only purchase Google has made in its home town this year.

So far they've spent around $US225 million for fifteen other properties, all existing buildings, creating a hodge-podge of a campus that's not unlike the variety of designs and options in the Android smartphone market.

[San Jose Mercury News via CNET]



    yeah, much better they knock down all those perfectly fine buildings, clear the land, and build a big HQ... wait, what? did someone say that would be ridiculously wasteful? naaaaah~ it makes you cool!

      yea they could just buy surrounding building like Google, no wonder Apple products are so expensive

      Not sure I would call it wasteful. If those 2 story buildings went up then they wouldn't be forced to go horizontally with their growth.

      Still, don't mind them keeping the buildings as is if it meets their needs.

    Seems perfectly sensible to me. I'd rather they spend money in things which count like R&D and passion projects, rather than creepy Movementarian-esque Spaceship buildings.

    maybe there buying all this land and when they have enough they will build a super structure for Google HQ lol

    They dominate the internet, maybe they are expanding into the commercial property market?

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