Google+ Has 40 Million Users, But How Many Actually Use It?

Google has announced its earnings for the most recent quarter, and — surprise! — they made lots and lots and lots of money, mostly off search revenue. Which is the same story that's been written about Google earnings for the last 10 years.

But! While the company didn't break out any specific numbers on Android usage, they did confirm that Google+ has over 40 million users. "Users", here, being loosely defined, since Google+ is a relative ghost town of privately shared links about how Google+ is a ghost town. And given how heavily Google+ was promoted in the early days — across however many millions and millions of Gmail accounts — is it wrong to be a little surprised that there aren't even more people who signed up?

Google will be hosting a call to discuss earnings (a not-at-all-shabby $US9.72 billion revenue, $US2.73 billion net income) today, which will hopefully include some goodies on Android activations, Ice Cream Sandwich and the Motorola acquisition. Or it might just be an hour discussing the finer points of TAC. Either way, we'll be listening in, updating as necessary. [Google]

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