Five-Year Project Restores 1969 Holden Hurricane

Five-Year Project Restores 1969 Holden Hurricane

The one (and only) Hurricane has endured much since its unveiling over four decades ago. Originally developed with the help of a team from Holden’s Fisherman’s Bend facility in Port Melbourne, the tiger mica Hurricane was displayed just once before venturing into seclusion.

By the standards of the late 1960s, it was definitely a concept vehicle. Rear-wheel drive, 4.2-litre V8 engine with 192kW of power, rear-vision CCTV display and auto-temperature controls put it firmly in the futuristic category. Oh, the sporty two-seater also had electro-mechanical doors to make it even more lush.

It never hit mass production because it was never meant to. It was purely a technology showcase. It’s duty done, it was retired and left to rot in Holden’s workshops and cannibalised for parts. According to The Motor Report, it also had an unfortunate run-in with a forklift and the sun’s relentless heat.

A team at Holden decided the old girl deserved some love and, over the course of five years, put her back together. You can check out the results in the following video.

Sadly, if you’re keen to check out this retro stunner, you may have missed your chance. The restored car was shown last weekend at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. No word as to whether it’ll be shown elsewhere.

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