Fancy Owning Nicolas Cage's Copy Of Action Comics #1?

You'll need a little bit more than pocket change to afford one of the rarest comics in existence, once owned by one of Hollywood's strangest leading men. Nicholas Cage has made a lot of movies — some good, some bad, some downright awful. In recent years, arguably more of the latter. His status in Hollywood has allowed him to make lots of high-cost purchases over the years (including castles in Europe) as well as many rare and collectible comics.

There's no comic rarer or more valuable than Action Comics #1, however. It's the first issue to feature Superman, and there's not many copies still extant after all these years. The copy that belonged to Cage spent some interesting years after being pinched off his wall (really!) and it's now up for auction.

Action Comics #1 typically goes for big money; the current record for the highest amount paid for a comic sits at a cool $US1.5 million for a copy of the book. Cage's involvement with this particular copy has seen a bit of a premium attached to that, however; the seller is looking for bids starting at $US2 million. Anybody keen? Anybody? [Paul Fraser Collectibles via Born Rich]

Image: Levork

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