Fancy A $2 Galaxy S II? [Updated]

You'll need to be quick — or persistent — to catch a Galaxy S II for only $2. Yes, that's right. Two bucks for one of the best smartphones available today. It's certainly an attention-getter, even if it's more of a stunt than an actual sale. Update: Based on reader comments below, I've contacted Samsung for clarification on the network lock issue. They've confirmed with me that they're flashed for Vodafone use, but needed to check on the issue of an unlock fee; certainly if that's the case they're more expensive than first thought, but still something of a bargain. I'll update again if Samsung clarifies the lock issue further.

Samsung's running a promotion in Sydney at its temporary pop-up shop (379-381 George St, Sydney) where the first 10 customers per day can purchase a Samsung Galaxy S II for only two dollars.

The terms aren't too onerous — you've essentially got to be willing to have them use your likeness for promotional purposes — but the queueing might be; my Twitter sources tell me that the line stretched some 33 deep this morning; thanks to Derek for the pic of the queue this morning. I guess the back 23 figured there might be some punters who didn't want the phone after all. [Samsung]

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