Fancy A $2 Galaxy S II? [Updated]

You'll need to be quick -- or persistent -- to catch a Galaxy S II for only $2. Yes, that's right. Two bucks for one of the best smartphones available today. It's certainly an attention-getter, even if it's more of a stunt than an actual sale. Update: Based on reader comments below, I've contacted Samsung for clarification on the network lock issue. They've confirmed with me that they're flashed for Vodafone use, but needed to check on the issue of an unlock fee; certainly if that's the case they're more expensive than first thought, but still something of a bargain. I'll update again if Samsung clarifies the lock issue further.

Samsung's running a promotion in Sydney at its temporary pop-up shop (379-381 George St, Sydney) where the first 10 customers per day can purchase a Samsung Galaxy S II for only two dollars.

The terms aren't too onerous -- you've essentially got to be willing to have them use your likeness for promotional purposes -- but the queueing might be; my Twitter sources tell me that the line stretched some 33 deep this morning; thanks to Derek for the pic of the queue this morning. I guess the back 23 figured there might be some punters who didn't want the phone after all. [Samsung]


    Looks like competing between the apple line and this one.

    I think I would just give up after counting 10 ppl, dunno why they still lining up.

    It's been on OzBargain a couple hours now, so expect competition. Are you prepared to line up 24h in advance?

    They are probably waiting for the next day.

      While it's true I am locked into a 2 year contract with mine.. the price I am paying is still pretty awesome.. I feel like I got mine for free anyway..

    I wouldnt mind a $2 Galaxy S II but as i dont live in Sydney its quite hard.

    Now that's it's been ozbargained I think your chance of getting one is between zero and no-f'ing-way. Unless you're planning to wait out over 2+ nights. Apparently there are people lining up for tomorrow morning already

      I'd line up if I didn't have a job :(

      The unemployed get all the breaks!!

    has anyone got it today? when they said "POP UP" Shop does that mean it can suddenly open anywhere around town hall?

      "Pop up" meaning they've temporarily rented out some store space for promotional purposes. It's not an actual retail store.

    gives new meaning to the words "selling your soul" for something - but at $2 for this phone is awesone deal - that said not living in Sydney will not help my chances :(

    Anyone want to make a couple of hundred dollars?

    Potentially locked to Voda, can anyone confirm?

      Doesn't seem like it from the T&C on Samsung's site; setting up the mobile access is left up to the user.

        That's what I thought, just thought I'd double check.

        So anyone crazy enough to line up? There are already few guys waiting. Figured I'll give it a go :D

    From ozbargin (

    edxter on 10/10/2011 - 10:54 ¶
    Only 17% battery of my sensation left…..

    No sign for the queue whatsoever. Just get here and line up behind me.
    Oh, and Samsung people just confirmed me the phone is locked to voda. But that shouldn't be an issue, is it?

      annexe on 10/10/2011 - 12:19
      UPDATE on the phone:
      I've just been to the Samsung "POP UP Shop" and got the confirmation on the phone.
      It is locked to Vodafone.
      To unlock $75 on prepaid or free on any 12-24 month contract.

    If its locked to Voda phone, does that mean I can put my 3 sim car in as Voda & 3 are merged?

    Will it still cost me to unlock? I'm still contemplating whether or not i should wait... i work close though but may miss out as other may line up after work....

    And that's all it's worth.

    @NW, I hear you can switch over to Vodafone (from Three) if you want, without disturbing your contract. You can maybe even wrangle a free month out of them.

    Tomorrow morning's 10 are gone already with the line past 10 deep early this evening :( So better start lining up for Wednesday's 10, which means you'll be living on the street for a 2 nights and a day :s

    $2 is about what they are worth.

    Here are my pictures:

    Taken 6.41PM 10.10.2011

    And another one at 6.37PM 10.10.2011:

    You can see the 2 asian guys at the end arrived in the space of 5 mins. Probably after finishing work! lol

    Anyone want to photoshop Steve Jobs waiting in line?

      lol, right next to maaccers so you can grab a bite to eat :D

    Is there anyone there now?

    are people camping outside for the whole night?? or are they going to turn up in the morning? because then i might pull an all nighter :D

    haha poor people, so good. It's only $850 just buy it. I'd pay myself $847 to not look like a dipshit and line up overnight for anything.

    In fact if someone said to me "line up for 2+ days outside in the street for $847 cash" I still wouldn't do it.

    If I lived in Sydney though I'd be happy to pay a bunch of homeless people $50 a day to sit in the line stinking of piss, cigarettes and alcohol just to make everyone else angry.

    But on a serious note, $857 less than RRP is a substantial saving, some people would have to work an entire day for that kind of money.

      Not everyone makes as much money as you do think about the people on minimum wage they could buy the phone sell it and make a few days profit

    What a contrast, Samsung needs to reduce the price to almost nothing to attract a queue, whereas Apple puts on a premium and consumers still line up. What does that say about the quality of their products? Got to give it to Samsung, they've learnt something from HP.

    I went yesterday after work to see & went back this morning at 8 before samsung opened to see the turnout of it, I have no chance, I cannot live on Maccas. Well done to the first 10 today!

    Eventhough it is too tempting, a girl spending the night on the streets probably isn't such a great idea.... :( I will just have to suck it up & pay a 400%+ for a new phone to replace my E71. sigh.

      There's plenty of other places you could spend a night to get yourself a $2 Galaxy *wink* creepy *wink* - I'd ask for your number but I don't want my voice heard through a horrible E71.

        Lol. True. The E71 is horrible indeed.

        Hate it when I need to do something important & it decides to freeze, lag, long pause & then it decides to work... I want a new phone... ah wells, as long as I don't use any of my leave, I will be on my way to getting a new phone... later... someday... lol

    It's probably Samsung's stupid move against Apple as I think they are queuing up their own people trying to heat it up and having a strong pucnh towards Apple new iPhone 4S, we'll see how it really ends, stupid move Samgsung, go and eat your balls.


    I can confirm that you can unlock the phone for free on voda's site. I got mine yesterday after lining up all night and I've just unlocked it for free. When I was getting the phone the vodafone guy told me that it would cost $75 to unlock it but I guess they were just trying to upsell, after all the $2 only covered the sim card.... At the register, I could hear the voda guy telling a coworker "Just try to shove them cases and accesories" haha

    Does anyone know until when this offer is running?

      Until Friday

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