Facebook Will Give Trusted Friends Keys To Your Account

It's 2:30am. You're blind drunk and desperately trying to log into your FB account on your phone—ya know, to see if that hottie from the last bar Friended you yet—but your damn beer sausage fingers entered the wrong password one too many times. What's a lush to do?

Under a new program that Facebook announced today, you'll be able to assign three to five "Trusted Friends" special codes that will grant you immediate reentry to your account if you're locked out. Sure, you could just perform a password reset, but that's assuming you have access to your email—not likely on account of those sausage fingers or the double vision.

In addition, Facebook also announced App Passwords. The program reportedly will issue application-specific passwords for logging into third-party applications, similar to Google Authenticator's single-use password feature. It is expected to roll out in the next few weeks. [Facebook via TechCrunch - Top art courtesy of alpturk33 / Shutterstock]

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