Experience Eric Curry's Surreal 'Light Painting' Exhibit

Welcome to the world of "light painting". It begins in darkness, and then over the course of an hour or hours, a photographer illuminates small portions of his or her subject, and combines the images in post to create this.

In this picture's case, with each shot the photographer takes a long exposure, sucking in every bit of available light as its cast on a wheel well, or a jeep driver, or an ammo crate. The result is a surreal "painting-like" image that's 100 per cent real life. It's just enhanced a bit by light, patience and time.

The video included here provides a wonderful explanation, as narrated by LA photographer Eric Curry. The bomber image above is taken from his series, American Pride and Passion. There are dozens more, so hit that source link. [American Pride and Passion via MAKE]

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