Introducing Gizmodo's CES Reporter Winners!

This is the end. Beau-tif-ul end, my friend. Five weeks and hours of Giz reader video reviews later, we have a winner for Gizmodo and Sony’s big prize: A trip to January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Drumroll...

Ben Dunlop

....who is apparently at work right now with his phone switched off. Yeah, I'm at work too I guess — but c'mon Ben, the party is starting without you! And by party, I think I ate too much pizza while the judges were reviewing entries. Anyway, please join the Giz team in congratulating Ben and welcome him to the fold.

We enjoyed his take on tech and were impressed with those 4am behind-the-scenes video blogs. Looking forward to you joining us in Las Vegas!

Before Red Bull

...And After

Ben, we'll be in touch shortly to organise your Sony Vaio S laptop, Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V camera and flight details. You’ll hang out at CES with Sony peeps and Danny from Gizmodo while Alex is off gallivanting around Europe on holidays and Nick holds down the fort here in Australia. Your trip includes:

Las Vegas return airfare flights from your nearest capital city. Leave Australia Sunday 8th January 2012, depart United States Friday 13th January 2012. Also covered: Five night accommodation at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. See our full terms and conditions for more.


Geoff, Michael, Muhammad, Bianca — congratulations also! You've each picked up a Android-powered Sony Tablet S (16GB) valued at $579.

Weekly Winners

Shout out to John, Christian, Lindsay, Zorine, Daniel, Chris K and Chris P — you all pick up a Sony Entertainment Pack valued at $50.

We'll be in touch soon via email to organise all your prizes.

Thank You

Thanks again to everyone who entered. The response started small — but holy crap were we blown away by the end. The volume and quality of entries are a credit to all you guys, the readers behind this crazy thing we call Gizmodo.

This was been one of the biggest competitions we've run, and we'll be highlighting some of the best video reviews as their own posts in the coming weeks.


    This is my behind the scenes vlog of my new entry that will be submitted later this week. The high quality entries during round 2 have really pushed me to expand and improve my video editing abilities. I'm relativity new to managing a youtube channel and reporting for Gizmodo Australia at CES 2012 would be an amazing experience that would both change my life and give my channel a significant push into the spotlight. I'm extremely determined to earn a temporary reporting position on the Gizmodo Australia team, so I am spending every spare second I have to make my review as impressive as possible.

    So now that I have said that, here is the vlog.

    Expect the review later this week!

      Be quick Ben! Last chance is tonight!

        Should be done in a few hours! I've really pushed hard to familiarize myself with Sony Vegas video editing software in a short period. Before this review, the most advanced video editing software I used was Windows Movie Maker!

        Rendering now! Will be uploaded by about 8am. JUST IN TIME!

        I'm looking forward to seeing what the Gizmodo community thinks of it!

        Done and done! I hope you enjoy it!

    Congratulations to Muhammad for winning a really tough round. Glad I wasn't up against any of those short listed videos.

    Well done Muhammad.. it was really well shot and pieced together. Now for my $50 Sony Entertainment Pack.. whatever the heck that is? Ideas anyone?!

      Most likely it'll be a Blu-ray / DVD movie, etc -- but there may be more choice than that (Valued up to $50). We'll let you know next week after the wildcard (which you're in the running for) is chosen.

        Sweet! :)

    Congratulations Muhammad, well done!

    Posted mine just before last weeks dead line hopefully will make it in this weeks finalists. Let us know what you think. Cheers.

    Hey all please check out my first product video on youtube If you like it please do press like, comment on the video and subscribe to the channel. You can also follow me on Twitter @2Phat2Tech

      Hey Trent, you have made a video with excellent production values.... but it goes over the 3 minute video limit...

      On the other hand, I am well on my way to making my treadmill desk but will not have enough time to enter this comp. I have started at 114kg and am aiming for 80kg, so I think it should take about 5 months from now... i will post back to gizmodo with my 1-3min time-lapse/review etc etc in approx 20 weeks... :)

    Its also my entry for this competition. I plan to do many many more videos for all you tech and gadget lovers :)

    Congratulations Muhammad, well deserved :)

    Does the trip include spending money whilst in Vegas??

      Maybe if you ask nicely Danny will let you borrow a dollar and point you towards the poker machines ;)

      From the conditions: 15. The Major Prize does not include meals, transfers, spending money or overseas travel insurance.

    Found this competition this morning with under an hour to entries closed! Had some fun before work and entered just in time.

      Love the review epic beard man!

      I hope you (at a minimum) get a prize for most entertaining entry!

    Hey Michal, where does it say 3min is the max vid length?

      It doesnt have to be less than 3 mins, but the time has to be within reason. Last week there was someone shortlisted with a video just over 4 minutes.

      Don't stress :)

    Thanks for the support everyone. I am very humbled with the responses. I enjoy learning about consumer technology and sharing it with different people so they can understand how it can benefit them. I watched every single entry and each of you do very well in your own unique ways. If I do get selected for CES 2012 I can only promise great content and make you feel as though you are there. Good Luck to all entrants.

      Congrats mate!

    I entered just last night also, good work to those who have already submitted reviews and made it as finalists!

    I have linked mine below for those who want to see it before Gizmodo publish it

      Great vid Geoff.
      But you gotta keep the tache!
      You've got till CES to feed it and water it and nurture it into something truely great!

        Thanks mate! Honestly, the "thing" is so annoying and ugly, I need it gone ASAP.Women used to run scared from me before, but they run faster now! lol

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate [Trollish Behaviour] and has been deleted

    Thanks Joshua.
    I'm pretty sure the only reason I got picked is because I may have been one of the only entries for that particular week of judging.
    I honestly don't think the judges are that simple. (give 'em a bit of credit)
    And I'm aware that my video doesn't even come close to the quality of the other finalists.
    But thanks for pointing out the bleeding obvious ;/

      The Gizmodo readership is a fantastic community and the quality of comments on all articles makes me certain that people will vote for the whoever they feel is right for the job.

      As a finalist I probably shouldn't point this out, but of the current finalists you went to the most effort to recreate a CES ambience. :)

        Thanks MDolley.
        I know it looks like I'm talking to myself with the above reply, but Joshua either decided to delete his comment or it was removed.
        I appreciate your encouragement.
        I was a bit embarrassed of my video when I saw the other finalists videos roll in, but lets hope enthusiasm and passion count for something.
        (did I mention I'm a fast learner?) ;)
        Good luck BTW!
        I feel blessed that even if I don't win, the consolation prize is still freakin awesome :)

    haha, they deleted my comment. Aren't I allowed to say that I didn't think a video was as good as the others? I don't believe I said it in an offensive/trollish way. Bianca, I'm sorry if you found my comments offensive. Good luck to all the entrants.

      Didn't you ever watch Bambi as a kid? :)

      You may think I'm just someone in cyber space, but I still have feelings :)

        I never watched that show. I don't remember it being on when I was a kid either. Mind you, I am only 18. Anyway, I do recognise that you and I have feelings, and I'll be more careful with what I say next time. :)

          Show?! It's a Disney Classic! Blasphemy ;D

          p.s. That's no worries. Thanks for the reply :)

    Wow this is a tough round. I'm glad that I made the shortlist at least. Good luck to everyone!

    Thanks for shortlisting me!!!!

    "I don't have a good reason, but I do have a pipe". Win!

    Damn I wish I submit a video! Always a next time ;)

    Least viewed video. Not giving up!

      Congrats on the wildcard entry mate! Never give up!

    I'm so bummed I didn't hear about this competition earlier! :( I'm an 18 year old girl who reviews iPhone app and tech ( 15K+ subscribers! Maybe next year lol.

    Anywho ... I know Muhammad! :) So good luck to him!

      I just checked out your channel. Very impressive, nearly 16k subscribers and only 18! Any tips?

      Thank You for the support Elly. Don't worry we can start to plan CES 2013! :)

    Polling closed. Drumroll...

    Voting has closed, good luck guys!

    Wow I am a finalist. A huge thank you to all who voted for me especially considering how good the other entrants were. Thank you for helping me get this far.

      Congratulations Geoff, and good luck.

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