Introducing Gizmodo's CES Reporter Winners!

This is the end. Beau-tif-ul end, my friend. Five weeks and hours of Giz reader video reviews later, we have a winner for Gizmodo and Sony’s big prize: A trip to January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Drumroll...

Ben Dunlop

....who is apparently at work right now with his phone switched off. Yeah, I'm at work too I guess -- but c'mon Ben, the party is starting without you! And by party, I think I ate too much pizza while the judges were reviewing entries. Anyway, please join the Giz team in congratulating Ben and welcome him to the fold.

We enjoyed his take on tech and were impressed with those 4am behind-the-scenes video blogs. Looking forward to you joining us in Las Vegas!

Before Red Bull

...And After

Ben, we'll be in touch shortly to organise your Sony Vaio S laptop, Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V camera and flight details. You’ll hang out at CES with Sony peeps and Danny from Gizmodo while Alex is off gallivanting around Europe on holidays and Nick holds down the fort here in Australia. Your trip includes:

Las Vegas return airfare flights from your nearest capital city. Leave Australia Sunday 8th January 2012, depart United States Friday 13th January 2012. Also covered: Five night accommodation at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. See our full terms and conditions for more.


Geoff, Michael, Muhammad, Bianca -- congratulations also! You've each picked up a Android-powered Sony Tablet S (16GB) valued at $579.

Weekly Winners

Shout out to John, Christian, Lindsay, Zorine, Daniel, Chris K and Chris P -- you all pick up a Sony Entertainment Pack valued at $50.

We'll be in touch soon via email to organise all your prizes.

Thank You

Thanks again to everyone who entered. The response started small -- but holy crap were we blown away by the end. The volume and quality of entries are a credit to all you guys, the readers behind this crazy thing we call Gizmodo.

This was been one of the biggest competitions we've run, and we'll be highlighting some of the best video reviews as their own posts in the coming weeks.


    Wow. Sounds like a pretty damn good prize.
    Such a shame I'm terrible with videos.. And I'm not Australian anyway

    Oh hell yes! Just need to find something to review :D

    If only I was over 18..

    Why have both the entry form and the facebook requirement? Are they related in any way?

    Shame. But I'd be overseas then :(

    But the <18 comments... It explains a lot about the quality of comments recently.

    Nice work Giz! I'm terrible with video and speaking but good luck to all

    Would love to enter but I'm not good on camera. I always come out sounding super plastic/fake :(

    I'd love it just for the free trip, I love the US and it'd be great to get back there again, but recording and editing promo vids would be the last ting on my mind... especially in Vegas.
    I was supposed to do interviews and record stuff while I was at Comic Con in San Diego this year but just completely let that slide.
    I'm bad with homework :)

      Doesn't have to be crazy on the editing. Just fun video of you checking out cool stuff. Carn Ozoneocean, you can do eet ;)

    Since we have to take care of our on visa paperwork and such, what happens if there is a clerical error or a delay that means the visa application won't be processed in time?


        Winner announced on December 1. Gives plenty of time for you to organise appropriate visas at a US consulate. I booked in an interview (had to wait a week), spoke to the guy, and recieved my passport back with visa less than a week later. So plenty of time to get sorted.

    I'm sorry, but those products are absolute rubbish.

    I'd be happy to do the job, but I'll throw out the sony stuff, and take my Macbook Pro & go out and get a Canon 7D or 5D Mark II.

    A sony cybershot & a vaio laptop? Come on... we read Gizmodo ffs. We know what's good & what's complete rubbish...

      What the hell are you going on about, the reason for Sony prizes are because its a Sony sponsored competition.

      @Andy It's a trip to Vegas. It's entry to the Consumer Electronics Show. It's also free laptop and camera. It's also the chance to grab an Android tablet. It's the chance to say you were on Gizmodo and hang out with us while there. It's much more than one or two items, it's all of these things. As you said, you "read Gizmodo ffs." If the entire experience isn't of interest to you, don't enter man. Holy crap.

        Yeah, what this guy said! ;)

        Free gear? Hell yes. Even if you don't want it sell it on eBay
        Being at CES? That would be a dream come true
        Being at CES as part of team Gizmodo? Holy CRAP. People would kill for that chance. (Actually Danny, I'd rather do that than appear on camera)

        "I’d be happy to do the job"
        Andy makes it sound like they are looking for somebody to clean the toilets. It's an incredible experience, not a job.

        I'm very interested in entering, has the weekly voting begun? I can't find the polls.

          You SHOULD be interested in entering, BECAUSE YOU JUST MIGHT WIN!!! Think about it son...think about it.

    I would enter but i dont have the mug for video blogging, plus i dont have a passport and no money :(

    Hi guys,

    I want to enter. However, I can't find the voting page anywhere...not even on the Facebook page... Is this competition still actually runnning?


      To enter, simply flll out the form located just above the comments and hit submit. Action! :)

        What happened to the weekly poll part of the competition?

          Next poll period will be Tuesday 22nd Nov! Get your entries in!

    Hello people of Gizmodo. Can it be a gadget I have made myself? Sort of like the best of two gadgets into something a lot more useful?

      What gadget did you invent?

        Although not my invention, it's a treadmill desk as seen on Lifehacker... The humble computer desk combined with a treadmill make for a great little gizmo that is actually quite fun... I am thinking a DIY video of the making of before we get into a review?

          Review / basic explainer is fine for this comp. If you also have a how-to video, send that to the editor of lifehacker at

    How would a funny light-hearted video about my favourite non-electronic 'gadget'? I'd love to enter but I want to check that silly sense of humour would be appreciated or not.

      Let's keep it electronic. After all, it's your chance to go to the Consumer Electronics Show.

        fair call! will get thinking

    Just submitted! I hope it is enough to show you how good I would be on the CES show floor representing Sony and Gizmodo! I tried to keep transitions to a minimum to keep it smooth. make sure to watch in HD

    Hope you enjoy it, Danny Allen!

    Fantastic Entries, really liking the different approaches. Hopefully will have my entry in on Monday, can't wait to here everyone's thoughts!

    I have been looking at youtube videos of CES from previous years. It would be amazing to hang out with the Gizmodo team there!

    This competition is amazing, I'd love the chance to interview Sony representatives and check out upcoming products in 2012. I'd vlog daily, and cram as much content as possible in to report on. I'm under 21 so you won't find me at the bar, I'll be reporting from open till close :P I'm pretty energetic though, hope that's ok.

      CES is like an awesome second Christmas just for gadget fans. Whoever gets to go is going to have the time of his/her life. I don't see how that wouldn't be possible.

      2011 Sony appeared to be aiming to make futuristic ideas into commercial products (That 3D headset, TV that allows to people to watch different things) I can't even imagine what 2012 Sony will be like.

      Hopefully whoever goes is able to balance the coverage well, last year there was a sea of Android tablets but there was also some really interesting products that deserved attention like the Razer Switchblade and the Sony video cameras with a built in projector.

        I definitely agree with you, Sony always causes headlines because of their offering at CES. I hope to see (if i go) the next batch of mobile devices from them. Possibly a more refined and less bulky 3D headset too.

    Justed posted mine -

    Would love to go to CES!

      Very professional production, Chris! Nice piece of kit too. subbed.

        Thanks Ben! Top job on the HTC review! Best of luck mate!

    I'm really nervous now!!! No doubt there will be heaps of last minute entries. Not only would I love to visit Las Vegas, but the CES convention would be Gadget HEAVEN for me.
    Sooooo much I'd love to find out about the future of TV, Phone, Car technology etc! :)
    Fingers crossed xx

    Looks like round 2 is going to be a tough one with some fantastic entries so far.
    Kind of makes me wish I could re-enter with another video :)

    Good luck to those still after a spot in the finals and also to Bianca S

      You're right, really good entries from everyone. I like that no one has produced a review in the same way.

      Thank you MDolley. Much appreciated.
      My video was a bit rushed and amateur, but hopefully they can see that practice makes perfect :)

    Better luck next week I guess. Already working on another

    Massive kudos to this weeks shortlist, really great work!

    Haha, I'm also under 18, but can I make a video for a sibling to go to USA? or can I submit a video to win a tablet instead?

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