Espier Launcher: Turn Your Android Phone Into An iPhone

If you're using an Android phone, you have so many options! Widgets. Wallpapers. Launchers. Apps. Settings. Tweaks. EVERYTHING IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Hell, you can even transform your Android phone into an iPhone. Just look at that home screen, it's exactly like iOS. Cool? COOL.

What's it do?

It's a launcher (if you're not familiar, launchers can change the entire look of your Android phone) that mimics the iOS home screen. Like, completely. Icons are designed like iOS, there's the four icon dock, folders can be set up like iOS (drag an icon on top of another icon) and well, the entire damn thing looks like an iPhone! And the best part: it's an Android phone! The iPhone home screen is obviously nothing more than an app launcher but it's also dead easy to use: deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier. But Espier doesn't stop at just copying iOS, it one ups the interface by giving you some gesture controls: sliding your finger up will show you the task bar to kill apps and sliding the task bar to the left (by moving your finger towards the right) will you show you various settings like Wi-Fi, etc.

Why do we like it?

The question obviously is, why would you do this to an Android home screen that's much more versatile and flexible and customisable than the iPhone's. But as Android shows time and time again, the answer is why not? On Android you can do things like this. Think about showing off to your iPhone-totin' friends their iOS home screen splashed on a 4-inch+ screen. Or embolden your argument at why iOS sucks by "using" it. Hell, you can pretty much do everything on iOS 5 on Android already, why not take it all the way and make it look like it. This launcher is hilarious and blatantly steals so much from Apple that Samsung would blush but Espier is free and definitely worth trying. Have fun.

Espier Launcher

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