Escort SmartCord Puts Your Radar Detector Online

Users of Escort's line of radar detectors are being encouraged to update their power cords to the company's new SmartCord which adds a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone app, providing constant updates on the location of speed traps, red light cameras and other tools employed by John Law.

The $US80 upgrade is available in versions that work with an accompanying app on iPhone or Android handsets, allowing information about newly discovered speed traps or cameras to be uploaded to the company's Escort Live database via the smartphone. Subscribers to the service have access to this database too, which provides alerts of problem areas, including radar traps and red light cameras, visibly marked on a map of your current route. The app also communicates directly with the vehicle's radar detector, displaying real-time info about your current speed, the speed limit of the road you're on, and even the radar sensitivity of your vehicle. The system seems like a Big Brother approach to besting another Big Brother, so why not avoid the subscription fee and upgrade costs by just sticking to the speed limit? [Escort via SlashGear]

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