Dual iPad 2 Case Will Improve Your Multitasking

It's hard not to look at this limited edition case from ZooGue, that actually holds a couple of iPad 2s, and not shake your head in disbelief. Until you realise that it's not only an easy, albeit expensive, way to improve the tablet's multitasking capabilities. But it's also being auctioned off to benefit those with autism.

We've liked some of ZooGue's past creations, including their BinderPad case that made the iPad binder-friendly for students. But we couldn't help but raise a skeptical eyebrow over their most recent offering, which seemed like a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

And the promotional video, which I've embedded, includes a horror movie-like soundtrack that would have me worrying this case might sneak up on me in the shower. But it turns out the company isn't putting the Dual Case into mass production. They've only created one, which they've put on eBay with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to the Alabama Autism Assistance Program. The current bid sits at just over $US56, plus $US15 for shipping, and the cost of a second iPad if you're not already carrying around two of them.

[ZooGue via TechCrunch]

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