Did Steve Jobs Leave A Special Four-Year Plan For Apple?

I don't know where the Daily Mail is getting this bit of information from, but they're claiming that Steve Jobs "worked for more than a year on the products that he believed would safeguard the company" during the next four years.

Four-year plans seem normal to me -- any company should have a roadmap for at least the next four years. It's only logical if they want to make strategic decisions that would give them benefits in the long term. Apple is a perfect example of this: they made contracts well in advance to secure a steady supply of low-price flash memory and touchscreens over the next several years. They did it for the iPhone, the MacBook Air and the iPad.

On the operational side of the house, as you probably remember, we have historically entered into certain agreements with different people to secure supply and other benefits, and the largest one in the recent past is that we signed a deal with several flash suppliers at the end of 2005 that totalled over a billion dollars, because we anticipated that flash would become increasingly important across our entire product line and incredibly important to the entire industry, so we wanted to secure supply for the company.

Long-term plans are also needed to guarantee smooth research, design, development and manufacturing phases. In fact, during the same conference call Tim Cook admitted they were spending lots of money on something they couldn't reveal, something looking "way ahead".

So yes, Apple probably has such a plan in place and yes, most probably Jobs supervised it like he did with everything else.

But is this a special plan? The Daily Mail -- a well known English tabloid newspaper with zero track on Apple coverage -- is implying that Jobs put extra care into it, perhaps fearing that the company would steer away from his vision too soon after his death.

They don't name their sources, which claim that Jobs dedicated the last year of his life to fight for the new Apple campus, the iCloud project and to "masterminding" a plan for the "iPod, iPad, iPhone and MacBooks, ensuring at least four years' worth of products are in the pipeline." No more information was provided.

So we don't really know if this is true or not, even while I can imagine him obsessing over it, thinking that he was running out of time and that, once gone, nobody in the company would be able to carry on his vision. [Daily Mail]



    Four years is how long it will take to place his freeze dried brain into Apples main frame and bring it back online so he can be their overlord, Mwa hah ha ha .... What! too soon? #]

      We have a comedian.

        No comedians here, however we do have EckyThump....on pretty much ever comment on every gizmodo article. Yawn.

          So... too soon then eh, Ah fanboys!

            don't be sad....they have no sense of humour

              Yeah, I realised it was too soon strait away after I posted it, but unfortunately you can't delete or edit posts once you click! But I still think it will be funny after a bit more Fanboy grieving though! #]

            Ecky - Just because I find your comments boring and borderline trollish - does not a fanboi make.

              But you are though aren't cha! Only Fanboys drag out the old comment about every post bullshit! Tell you what go through all of them and tally up the percentage I comment on and if it's more than 15% I'll pay you a hundred bucks, if not then stop crying like a girl whenever I make a comment that offends your Apple sensibilities!

                He Mad.

            Ahh, when someone thinks your jokes aren't funny, just call them a fanboy. Classic response.

      Steve Jobs = Skynet?? :)

      I'm not a fanboy but that somehow made me laugh. Probably just the sheer absurdity of it all.

    My guess is the reason there were so many 'iPhone 5' rumours with the tear drop design is that there were early makes of this phone because Jobs wanted to help design it.
    I think he would have had quite the say in the next iPhone as he saw it as his last product release.

    It explains why there were so many rumours and case designs of the iPhone 5.

    Pfft what 4 year plan. Just keep making iPhones. Apparently they only have 5% of the global market share. This should be close to 50% at least as there would be 10's if not 100's of millions of people out there who want an iPhone but cant afford or dont have access to it. Android phones will cater for the tech minority, windows phones to cater for the corporate minority but the masses will always want an iphone


      Keep on dreaming.

        The majority of Nokia's sales would be to the mid-lower end of the market. Apples choice to keep the 3GS in production would be to sell them at bargain prices. Expect to see iphones for $0 on a $19 plan in a few months

        Keep in mind that Android is available on about 100483290 handsets. Hell I saw a $30 handset from Go Lo that runs android. That's the reason why Android will most likely always lead Apple in terms of how many units are running Android vs iOS.

      what did the old man say in that movie, 'Big Fat Greek Wedding'? - there are two kinds of people in the world, the greeks, and those who wanted to be a greek.

      just a greek talking, I guess?

      just got knocked out of my chair. hit in the face with your intelligence and hole-proof facts!

    Nah. The article is wrong. Apple is finished. That's all.

      Do you have ANY case or information to back your claim there, they seem to be doing alright as the largest company in the world last time I checked buddy!

        he wasn't saying that Apple will go bankrupt in the next quater. he means that Apple has lost its inspiration, creativity and connection to users and its business establishment will graduately shrink and lose people's attention in the coming years.

        like the strugling microsoft 3 years ago, or even worse, Apple before now 1998

          Funny where was Apple prior to Jobs coming back as CEO?

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