Dell’s Super-Slim XPS 14z Doesn’t Skimp On Features

Dell’s XPS 14z isn’t exactly an ultra book, but it is slender at 23mm, without missing out on an optical drive or ports.

OK, it does rather look like a certain well known range of computers, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and it’s not as though that company owns the colour silver to speak of. The XPS 14z won’t be available until mid November, but Dell’s sent out a release today detailing the specifications of the XPS 14z, a 23mm thin 14″ 1366×768 notebook that packs Core i5 or Core i7 processors, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M graphics and 6GB of onboard memory. Pricing is stated to start at $1199, although as with all things Dell there’s a fair amount of customisation that can up that price depending on your choices. [Dell]