Daily Desired: A Leather Bag To Enhance Your Cycling Status

Cyclists everywhere extol the virtues of the Brooks leather saddle. Once that hard leather moulds to your arse, it's the most comfortable way to ride. And it's handsome, too, as is the Brooks shoulder bag.

Leave those synthetic messenger bags to the peons on their fixies and invest instead in a more refined satchel. Sure, the Brooks Barbican is a bit heavier and a tad more expensive ($US400) than its brightly-colored cousins, but it is totally functional without bowing to the athletic club aesthetic. Like Brooks' other products, the tanned leather will eventually mould to your body. It's the perfect way to show everyone in the bike lane that you are not just athletically superior, but socially superior as well. [Brooks]

Daily Desired is our look at a product we're drooling over.

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