Cupcake Ipsum: A Text Generator With A Sweet Tooth

Cupcake Ipsum: A Text Generator With A Sweet Tooth
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While I’m still not convinced anything will surpass the majesty of Bacon Ipsum, or match the blunt hilarity of Samuel L. Jackson Ipsum, there’s something just so deliciously sweet about Cupcake Ipsum. It’s also the only text generator I know of where you can sprinkle in a little dash of love.

For the non-publishing types among you, lorem ipsum is the dummy text used ’round the world when you need a placeholder in a magazine layout, an ad or pretty much anywhere else. Only problem: it’s Latin, and doesn’t mention pudding even once. Unlike Cupcake Ipsum, which is rotten with the stuff:

Powder doughnut cheesecake wafer. I love sugar plum brownie tart apple pie macaroon. doughnut wafer dragée pudding. Soufflé I love gingerbread marshmallow cake I love applicake. Sugar plum I love jelly beans powder jelly beans. Ice cream ice cream cupcake liquorice I love.

Pastry sweet roll applicake bear claw doughnut sweet roll. Chocolate carrot cake I love sesame snaps. Pudding pudding chocolate cake croissant doughnut pastry pie cupcake cookie. Bonbon chupa chups cupcake bonbon lemon drops. Sweet bonbon biscuit jujubes pastry bonbon cookie croissant. Danish chupa chups I love cupcake. Tootsie roll I love soufflé I love chocolate.

Bonus points, obviously, for “chupa chups”. [Cupcake Ipsum]