Creepy Flesh-Coloured Side Impact Airbag Wants To Meet You

Creepy Flesh-Coloured Side Impact Airbag Wants To Meet You

If you were wondering where else you could stick an airbag, wonder no longer. US car manufacturer General Motors has found the perfect spot — right between you and your front passenger.

GM describes the airbag as a “front centre” one, which makes sense as that’s where it’s positioned, and indeed fires from. However, it’s designed to protect the driver and front passenger from a side impact.

The video on GM’s site shows the bag inflating like a giant, comforting ear from one edge of the driver’s seat, as the test dummy is rocked by a side-on force. It does a good job of cushioning the dummy and it’s easy to see how it would do well in practice.

GM will be introducing the airbags in a number of its 2013 models. No word as to whether we’ll see them out here, but if the statistics prove it a life saver, there would be a strong argument for global deployment.

If this was an optional extra for your next car purchase, would you have it installed? Let us know your thoughts.

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