Canon Was Shooting 14 Pricey Frames Per Second In 1984

Canon recently announced its rather impressive 1D X DSLR. The photographic monster shoots 14FPS. Impressive right? Not according to the Canon F-1 from 1984.

The F-1 utilised battery packs to burn through rolls of film at 14FPS. The camera was marketed as limited edition for press photographers and cost almost $US17,000. Sure it was pricey and bulky, but it was 1984, everything was big. Big hair, big camcorders, big marshmallow creatures, things were huge and we loved them. [Canon Camera Museum via PetaPixel]


    No gigabit ethernet?


    so it would just go through the roll of film in under 3 seconds.... whats the point in that? and then what?

      You could have a 1.5 second fast-mo movie!

      Then you just add the bulk film holder. 100ft (600ish shots). good to go.

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