This Dinosaur Exhibit Is Proof That Our Museums Are Too Prudish

Europeans have all the fun: lower drinking ages, funner beaches, easier lifestyles and... dinosaur skeletons having sex in their museums. This exhibit, which clearly shows two T-Rexes "mating", is located in the Jurassic Museum of Asturias in Spain.

A Reddit user recently found the exhibit, which, of course, has long been a conversation starter at MUJA, a museum that has over 8000 fossils (200 of them being dinosaurs, crocs, fish and tortoises). The copulating dinosaurs are actually replicas and a pseudo-guess on how dinosaurs mated, as no one really knows how they did the deed. The position seems a bit awkward as the girl T-Rex's tail could smack dude T-Rex in the face. Ah, messy logistics.

Either way, with this hilarious dinosaur exhibit, I think the MUJA has sky rocketed to the top of my non-existant "museums I want to go to list". [Reddit]


    This sorta thing could never happen in the states, lest the Helen Lovejoys of the world catch wind of it.

    Dinosaur boning > immoral!

    Won't somebody please think of the children!

      ...think of the children?
      That´s exactly what those Dinos are doing!
      Too bad you don´t like the display, but when feelings decide what museums are doing, then we are in deep shit,

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