Aussie Sci-Fi TV Series Seeks Kickstarter Funding

Aussie Sci-Fi concept Welcome To The Cosmos already has its pilot shot; now it just needs funding to continue working on the series and hopefully launch another successful Australian Sci-Fi series. Got a few spare bucks? The makers are using Kickstarter to try to raise the necessary $50,000 to produce a second episode, and are promising extra credit for those who pitch in; $10 will buy you a thanks in the credits while $5,000 will buy you an executive producer credit. Which at least answers one question that's been bugging me for all these years; it turns out that executive producers don't actually do that much after all.

That aside, Australia's got a pretty decent track record when it comes to producing science fiction for the international market, from Farscape to Space: Above And Beyond and currently Terra Nova. The donations only roll if the $50,000 target is met — so what are you waiting for? [Welcome To The Cosmos]

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