Aussie Pill Could Turn Your Sweat To Perfume

Aussie Pill Could Turn Your Sweat To Perfume
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Would you swallow a pill that turned your personal odour into personal perfume? That’s the dream of an Australian artist trying to turn the scent of an idea into reality.

Australian artist Lucy McRae is the mind behind the Swallowable Parfum pill, which is intended to chemically alter your sweat into perfume molecules. Your sweat still does what it should — cool the body — but the residue left behind, instead of ponging of pure B.O, instead would have a specific perfume scent, possibly altered by your own natural odours.

There’s a lot of science to overcome — McRae says she’s working with synthetic biologist Sheref Mansy to sort the issues out — not the least of making something chemical that’ll withstand swallowing, work its way into your stomach without being dissolved in the acids within and then make its way out your pores in some kind of acceptable way.

I’ve got to be totally honest here; while the reputation of geeks and odour has a slightly smelly history, I’m not one who’s big on perfume in the mainstream anyway; allergies and scent sensitivities mean I tend to steer clear of perfumes generally. So I pitched the perfume pill idea to the ladies at BellaSugar, all of whom were wary of the idea — especially as it’d presumably mean that you’d exude perfume every hour of the day. [Lucy McRae via Geekosystem]