Design Awards: Aussies Score High Marks

The winner of the Australian Electrolux Design Lab 2011 is a cool (and hot) ribbon concept. Meanwhile, on the other side of the vacuum cleaner fence, an Australian designers concept for a condensation crop watering system is in the running for the James Dyson 2011 Award.

There's some really clever ideas in the top twenty designs for the James Dyson 2011 award, and amongst them is the Australian developed AIRDROP, which uses condensation of airborne water to help irrigate crops. The water is collected from the air, fed through tubes into the cooler ground where it cools further and then pumped out into fields — very neat.

Equally neat is Enzo Kocak's winning entry in the Australian ELectrolux Design Lab 2011. It's a multi-purpose heater or cooler called Ribbon. The black side heats, the white cools, and the core idea is that you wrap it around your thermically challenged object to enable heating or cooling as desired. It's just a concept — for now — rather than a commercially available product.[James Dyson Award and Electrolux]

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