Android Appalooza: Great News, Browser, Remote and Travel Apps

Over the coming weeks Gizmodo is going Android app-crazy, looking at over 25 favourite apps (some of your picks, and some of ours) that are all available to Australians. Here's what we looked at this week.

News: Pulse There’s no shortage of news readers on Android, but Pulse News still wins out for the elegance of its interface; it makes news browsing not just fast but fun. More »

Remote: LogMeIn Ignition There’s plenty of ways to remotely access or control a PC from Android, but LogMeIn Ignition scores highly for its slick approach and especially ease of use. More »

Browsers: Dolphin Browser HD Despite challengers across the board in the Android browser space, Dolphin Browser HD remains the one to beat. Here’s why. More »

Travel: Tripview Tripview gives you an easy way to work out if you should run to the train station to get that train, or simply wait in the pub another fifteen minutes. More »

Hey, What’s Your Favourite Android App? What’s your favourite app? We’re looking across a variety of categories, not just games and entertainment. They don’t have to be free, and they don’t have to be popular. Hidden gems are very welcomed. More »

SwipePad For Android: A Better Way To Switch Apps

I’ve always found it a little bit annoying to switch apps on my Android phone. The stock task manager/app switcher list is cumbersome. SwipePad isn’t. You just take your finger, swipe from a corner of your screen and it’ll magically launch a very slick app switcher. Pick your app and BAM. Switched. More »

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