Android Appalooza Games: Pocket League Story

Android exclusive Pocket League Story pretends to be about soccer, but it's not; it's really about number shifting. It's also horribly, horribly addictive. Kairosoft's made what is essentially the same game in any number of different variants. Gamers can design games in Game Dev Story. Spa enthusiasts can get thier hot towel itch scratched with Hot Springs Story. F1 fans can race around with Grand Prix Story. You get the idea.

Pocket League story is currently Android exclusive, and tasks you with building up a soccer empire from scratch. You don't directly affect games per se — although you can fire up an individual player's aura if they've been involved in enough action beforehand — but do all the micromanagement behind the scenes. The visuals are delightfully retro, the game pace is solid without being frantic, and frankly, if I didn't have a job to do, I'd be playing it right now. Pocket League Story costs $4.80, and there's also a lite version to give you a taste of the full experience. [Pocket League Story]

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