8 Tools For Catching Big Fish In A Little River

8 Tools For Catching Big Fish In A Little River

Now I’m not much of a camper but I’ll gladly fish a river dawn till dusk. And if I have the opportunity to fly fishing, it’ll be with only the most baller of accouterments — like these eight top-of-the-line trouting tools.

Sage One Fly Rod

Whether I’m casting a few metres in front of me or trying to reach the other bank, if I can’t hit the spot I’m aiming for then I’m wasting my time. The One rod is the latest and greatest by legendary rod-maker Sage. It’s design and construction allow for fast, accurate casts regardless of the distance or conditions. And a nine-foot rod weighs just 70g. I’m pretty sure my hands weigh more than 70g. $US730.

Sweetgrass Bamboo Rod

Or, if I want to go elegantly old school with my fish-catching finery, nothing beats a quality bamboo rod. Especially not a custom-designed, hand-crafted bamboo rod like this one. $US2000.

Carbide Pro Pliers

I ain’t sticking my hand down some trout’s throat for a hook. I’d rather forget my pole at home than my pliers — especially if they’ve got a sweet carbide cutter what chomps through line, leaders and hooks alike. $US25.

Sage 4540CF Drag Fly Reel

The Lamborghini of fly fishing reels — 106g of aircraft aluminium frame supporting a computer-designed, carbon fibre spool that holds up to 5-weight line. $US325.

Orvis Pro Guide Waders

Yes, I suppose I could accomplish the same thing with a pair of snow pants, a pair of galoshes and some duct tape, but then I’d just look foolish. The Pro Guides aren’t new by any means, but they’ve been proven comfortable and durable for years. The hand-warmer pockets are a big plus as well. $US350.

SOG Field Pup

Whether cutting line, cleaning the day’s catch, or just pissing off a bear before it eats you, a durable and rugged knife is a must for any fishing expedition. The comfortable, slightly yielding grip and full-tang construction are two features that really stand out while you’re being mauled. $US67.

Fishpond Arroyo Frontpack

You know who wears fishing vests? Old men who pack too much. For the times you only need a fly box and your basic tools, the Arroyo Frontpack will hold what you need without getting in the way of your casts. $US70.

Cabela’s Dial Scale

Unless you’ve got a picture of your fish hanging from one of these, no, I don’t want to hear about your “record catch”. $US15.

Orvis Safe Passage Carry-it-all Rod and Gear Case

If you’re going to go slogging out to the middle of Nowhere, Montana and fish some impossibly remote stream, you’re gonna need something to protect the $US2700 worth of poles now in your possession. Check your clothes before you check your rods and carry them in the Orvis Safe Passage Carry-it-all Rod and Gear Case when you do. It holds up to six rods in socks as well as all your necessary accessories, reels and line. $US90.

Top image: Dec Hogan / Shutterstock