Would You Rather Stand Or Sit At Your Desk All Day?

The latest office trend sweeping the nation is stand up desks, according to the Wall Street Journal. A growing number of employees at companies like Facebook and Google are tossing aside their chair and asking to work while standing.

The stand-up desk has a raised surface that is the proper height for a person to stand and type. Though it looks uncomfortable to stand all day, it may provide a healthy alternative to sitting which is thought to cause obesity, blood clots and premature death.

Business are not the only one caught up in this craze. Some schools are also trying out these unconventional desks. Besides health concerns, the stand up desks let kids burn off some of their fidgety energy which may improve the student's academic performance. [WSJ and Care2]


    Either 'LH' or 'Giz' ran a decent article on this several months ago. It scared the crap out of me! I immediately went and found a frame from a second hand shop, and converted it into a standing desk. It was tough for the first few weeks but now I can stand all day without much discomfort, and don't have to worry about getting an embolism! Oh, I have a really nice high back office chair for sale! #]

    I could find this useful, but only for certain things i would feel more comfortable doing standing up. When i was doing work experience in high school i was at a computer repair shop that did a bunch of other stuff on the side, but they had some rather tall desks that were great for taking computers apart and laying them out. I will most likely however get a programming job (Software Engineering undergrad) so i definitely wouldn't want to be forced to stand all day, I'd need to buy a bar stool, a really really comfortable bar stool too.

      You'd be surprised how quickly you get used to standing. After awhile you actually prefer it to sitting, just takes a bit of perseverance is all, the benefits are myriad! #]

        After doing a job that involved standing all shift I couldn't possibly disagree more if you paid me. I did not get used to it, it got better after a few weeks but my god I never want another job that involves standing the whole time again, having my legs and feet in a perpetual state of pain is not something I would freely choose. My partner still stands all her shifts and number 2 on her dream job is one involving a chair.

    I'm looking into getting/building a hydrolic desk so I get best of both worlds.

    Would You Rather Stand Or Sit At Your Desk All Day? Why choose if you can have both?
    I find the SitStand solutions the best. You can switch between sitting and standing all day. That way I WorkFit all day.

      Actually, now I've got the hang of it, I'm thinking of selling my good chair! #]

    I would definitely prefer to stand, our bodies are not designed to sit in the same position for 8hrs + a day, and I think the high percentage of office workers with back pain is proof of that.

    I'm extremely tall which puts me in a damned if do/damned if don't situation. Standing and working for a day gives me excruciating pain in my lower back, whereas sitting for extending hours gives me sore hips and knees, I've had my chair ergonomically setup for me and changed my desk space which has helped some. But all up I'm pretty much uncomfortable all the time.

    If if could do my work suspended in a warm gel, that would be ideal.

    I did this at my home office for a few months. It was great for my back, but when I increased my hours, I got tired of it.

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