Windows XP's Iconic Bliss Desktop Has Lost Some Of Its Bliss

A good desktop image is hard to find. Microsoft did very well with the default pretty "Bliss" Windows XP desktop, but that was years ago. The site where the photo was taken? It's not quite as pretty as it once was. The above photo is a composite of the original desktop and a shot taken ten years later, but what does the area look like today? JW Van Wessel went to the trouble of tracking down the area where the shot was taken (it's in a vineyard in Sonoma Valley, California, if you were curious) and checked the site out using Google Maps to get an exact fix on where the shot was taken.You can check it out yourself using Google Maps at co-ordinates: 38.248966, -122.410269. [JW Van Wessel via TheNextWeb]


    still looks beautiful in its own unique way

    It looks exactly like XP does 10 years later; scraggy, tired and not as pretty.

    Most people have moved to greener pastures :D

    Much like XP itself, its looking old & a bit ratty but still pretty damn nice

    It would look a lot better if the photographer had waited for a blue sky day in late spring when the vines would be green.

      Agreed, Looking a the street view of it now. it seems alot better than the pic above

    Completely different weather, and clearly a different season. I'm shocked it looks different!

    Lol guaranteed it never looked that good in the first place. Heavy photoshopping done fo sho. Especially the sky. Usually they just cut out the old sky and put a whole new one in. says that the photographer claims the image wasn't digitally manipulated.

    Um... come back when you've taken the photo in the SUN at the same time of YEAR, dude.


    I like it. Nothing wrong with Autumn.

    Looks like a barren wasteland, just like Microsoft. Coincidence? Good job Ballmer!

    Collect the set and call it "Bliss - Seasons"

    Actually you can see the photograph of bliss 10 years later, on a sunny day by going to and scrolling slightly down.

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