Where Were You When Google Was Born 13 Years Ago Today?

Anyone notice the party that is going on at Google's website today? In case you forgot, September 27 is the date Google chose for their birthday.

It's an arbitrary date selected in 2005 to celebrate Google's September milestones. Google first registered Google.com on September 15, 1997, and the company was incorporated on September 7, 1998. Instead of either one of those two dates, Google selected the 27th, because they're Google and they can.

It's hard to believe the search engine is now officially entering the troubled teens. I remember when Google first launched. I was enjoying a fast university internet connection and using both Alta Vista and Yahoo as my main search engines. With Google's minimal interface and lightning fast search results, I was a convert from day one. [Google]



    It was the year my family and I immigrated to Australia, from Fiji.

      Cant remember. Back then I was chasin' tail.

    I remember being in a tertiary library and over hearing someone using the term google and search engine in the same sentence. I thought that's a stupid name, got inquisitive, typed it in and I never looked back. Up yours yahoo! :p

    Working, at the time, in marketing for a midrange solution provider/system integrator. I recall sitting on the workbench in our tech centre sharing some beers with our technical team discussing whether this upstart could hope to compete with AltaVista!
    But then that was only about 15 years after the tech director(and my boss) at another firm boldly stated that despite whatever happened with hardware we would always be supporting WordStar and Lotus 1-2-3!!

    All I did that year was play Playstation

    I first heard about it around 2000 back as a kid. My friend showed it to me saying how you could "type in any word and get pictures of whatever it was"... while the more cool kids would've typed in "boobies" or something of equal "cool-ness", we sat there for hours searching all the 151 Pokemon. We even made a checklist. Good stuff.

    well not Googling anything anyway :)

    I was 13, using altavista for search and chatting up American girls (to my knowledge) on lycos chat all on a 28k modem connection, haha good old days

    Back in primary school and we were using Netscape at the time, being taught by a crusty librarian (no doubt it was forced upon her by NSW Education curriculum) because she had absolutely no idea how to search, use an address bar and treated the whole thing with suspicion.

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