What Lurks Under Intel's Ivy Bridge?

Not a troll, that's for sure. Well, maybe a super-fast 22nm high troll. Intel's announced Ivy Bridge processors look like they'll be extremely neat, even though the chip manufacturer is on the 'tick' side of its schedule, more concerned with manufacturing processes than massive architectural changes. It's like there's a law; as soon as I spend some of my own money on a new CPU (or in this case, a laptop), Intel announces something newer and faster and better. At least in the case of Ivy Bridge, it's not like I could go out and buy one right now.

Anandtech has a great writeup on exactly what we can expect from Intel's Ivy Bridge processors; it's quite exhaustive and may take you some time to go through all of its detail, but it's a great read if you've got a few spare minutes. At the very least, it'll help to pass the time before you can go out and buy Ivy Bridge systems. [Anandtech] Image: Intel

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