What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

This week: iiNet’s plan pricing had pollies in a tizzy, while NBN Co failed to hand in its homework on time.

• The big news to kick the week off was iiNet announcing its NBN plans, which were cheaper (for most plans) than the competition. [Gizmodo]

• Internode indicated in response to iiNet’s pricing that its own pricing scheme will most likely change [ZDNet]

• The coalition still wasn’t happy with iiNet’s pricing, stating that the plan prices were still too high. [Daily Telegraph]although some commentators took them to task for their stance in this case [ZDNet]

• Internode also announced that it’s been accredited to offer PSTN fixed line phone services. Its trial will kick off in Willunga in South Australia [ITWire]

• Voice could become yet another NBN political football, with Liberal MP Paul Fletcher decyring the lack of a voice-only NBN product [ITNews]

• Not that government officials were happy with NBN Co either; it missed the filing date for a report on key performance indicators, forcing a hearing into the roll-out to be cut off early. [ZDNet]

• Malcolm Turnbull will take the coalition’s anti-NBN stance global next week at the Broadband World forum; what’s interesting here is that he’ll appear at the keynote with no opposition from the NBN or pro-NBN parties. [ITWire]

• The University Of Technology in Sydney will offer IT courses with an NBN-specific bent from next year, with a training program provided by Alcatel-Lucent [ITWire]