We Need Food Printers, Like, Yesterday

We Need Food Printers, Like, Yesterday

I don’t make the best nutritional choices of anyone I know. I don’t have the time to not eat chips for breakfast. What I need in my life is a food printer. Seriously. It’s time we started seeing them!

Researchers have been working on the technology for some time now, and we’ve seen them all before. As you can see above, major steps were taken recently in the field of icing and cookie dough with the Cornell University’s [email protected] 3D printer. But it’s not being particularly fab in anyone’s home yet. Scientists keep insisting on how groundbreaking the technology will be for the food industry and average consumers who want insta-bacon. So come on already! It’s not enough to have design students test them out and researchers wax poetic about their potential. It’s time people got their hands on them.

Here are just a few items we expect to see, ranging from the reasonable to the hysterical:

Cookies, i.e. every Girl Scout cookie in existence
Earl Grey
Condoleeza Rice’s brooch collection

We expect results and in short order, people. Tom Colicchio should be judging your 3D food printer’s performance against human error on national TV. And if it has to put its knives away, it’ll come back badder than ever with crazy printed lobster or something. Yeah. And… please? I’m hungry. [LA Times]