Arthur C. Clarke Predicted The Internet And Teleworking In 1964

Nostradamus? Pah! A mere vague amateur. The late, great Arthur C. Clarke was not only more of a man of science, he was also a man capable of pretty accurately predicting the future. We've previously noted his ability to predict GPS in 1956. Just eight years later, he was nailing the concepts of teleworking and the Internet.

Given his pedigree, you've got to give him a pass for not quite getting cities right. Then again, with designs like Singapore's awesome Sandcrawler building, maybe Arthur was right there too. Was there anything he couldn't predict, and more to the point, how did he do it?[Open Culture]


    This sent shivers down my spine.

    Great visionary. Can the executors of his estate sue apple?


        ahhh this also. nice.

      Prediction : someone invents time machine.

      Apple abuses market position and launches multi billion dollar law suit that the inventor can't afford to defend ( probably based on use of the phrase "Time Machine" )

      Apple now owns time travel technology and goes back in time enabling them to make predictions before A.C.C. and they then sue his executors.

    are you a wizard?

    you wanna flip your lid? Go watch "white heat" again. GPS tracking in full effect.

    I have pretty much all of his books, well until he started writing with Gentry Lee. He is the father of the first satellite, so you know he was a futurist right from the start! #]

      Read any of his short stories? Big fan of 'The Nine Billion Names of God', and 'The Star'. Tried 2001, failed, but will try Rama.

        Never caught up with his shorts, but Rama is well worth it, and even the sequel is worth a look but it is co-authored by Gentry Lee! #]

    When was it recorded? Sometime in the early 60s I expect.

    If so, that's nearly 50 years ago.

    Oops. 1964. It wasn't in the article and I didn't scroll up far enough to read the headline.

    How is it those awful 1950s glasses just make him look even cooler?

    This sort of thing just makes you realise, the technology we have today... we could have had it long ago, if only someone had thought of it.

    Childhoods End is a great book, well worth a read

    Samsung is citing Clarke's "2001" in defence against Apple.

    What is this, the Arthur C Clarke fan club?

    He was an okay science fiction writer. Made an enormous number of predictions, some of which subsequently came to be. Same as Heinlein, Asimov etc.

    No he isn't the "father of the first satellite". While he wrote about geostationary orbit, he wasn't the first to do so and this was the case with many of his ideas. GPS? I just need to glance at Wikipedia to see that this was actually tested by 1960 - no, it didn't take four years to go from Clarke's head to reality, it was already being worked upon.

    If you want amazing inventions and ideas, look to Jules Verne - and start scoring misses as well as hits for your sci-fi writers.

      the fact that you used wikipedia in your argument shows that you have got no idea hahaha

        OMG! Wikipedia isn't a primary source! It does, however, have a hell of a lot of useful and factual information. Would you prefer I pulled my 1972 Encyclopaedia Britannica to use as reference material?

        Information snobbery fail - you fail to provide any evidence against the use of Wikipedia, or supply information from an alternative source. I should also point out that most comments in this thread failed to identify sources for views/opinions/"facts" at all - and you're criticising my 30 second fact-checking?

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