Updated: Vodafone Vs Telstra: HTC EVO 3D Pricing

Updated: Vodafone Vs Telstra: HTC EVO 3D Pricing

Vodafone’s just sent us through confirmed pricing for the HTC EVO 3D, so we can now see how it stacks up against Telstra’s already announced prices.

We know that Vodafone will be selling the HTC EVO 3D from tomorrow, whereas Telstra won’t have it until early next week. Optus is still on track to sell the phone at some point “in the future” according to HTC, although that’ll be a slightly different unit given that Optus is now the only local carrier not to support 850Mhz frequencies. Having prices means we can see how they stack up with Telstra at least. Vodafone’s pricing first, followed by what’s currently on offer on Telstra’s EVO site.

Update: If you go through to Telstra’s EVO 3D site, this is what you currently see

But it’s not quite what you pay. Telstra’s told me that the lack of MRO consideration on the main page is an error, but one that should be rectified if you actually go through to order the phone. Telstra’s quoted the following pricing to me:

EVO 3D pricing

Consumer customers can purchase the HTC EVO 3D on Telstra’s Freedom® Connect Plans including on the $59 Freedom® Connect Plan plus $23 per month handset payment, after using an included MRO Bonus (for eligible customers), over 24 months (min cost is $1,968).

Customers can also purchase EVO 3D on:

Freedom Connect $49 = $28 repayment (total min cost $1848)
Freedom Connect $79 = $18 repayment (total min $2328)
Freedom Connect $99 = $13 repayment (total min $2688)
Freedom Connect $129 = $8 repayment (total min $3288)

Even with the updated correct pricing, there’s still a significant difference. You could pick up a Vodafone EVO 3D on the 12 month $29 plan, pay out the contract immediately and still score a phone for less than Telstra’s outright price for it.