This Rover Is An iOS-Controlled Spy Tank For Kids

Not to be confused with our beloved Mars Lander, this Rover is the AC13 Wi-Fi Vehicle with Video. It's a spy camera on wheels that both adults and kids will love.

The battery-powered Rover AC13 has two large tank-tread wheels, a front-mounted camera and built-in night vision. It's controlled by an iPhone or an iPad over a Wi-Fi connection. The dual function camera will send a live video feed from the vehicle as its moves along its path and take still pictures that you can share with your friends.

It's available exclusively from Brookstone and priced at $US150 which is reasonable for a remote-controlled vehicle. [Brookstone via Chipchick]


    Still a bit too large. Can't imagine it won't be noticed, if there's about 10-20 of these sitting innocently at various locations within female changerooms everywhere.. :P

    All well n good, very awesome lil gadget (IMHO its beats the AR drone) but Brookstone do not ship outside of the states.. Where in OZ can i order one from ?

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