This Is How 72 Bags Of Cocaine Look Inside Your Intestines

A 20-year-old Irish man was caught by the Brazilian Federal Police with 72 bags of cocaine inside his intestines. This is how he looked inside, using a three-dimensional computed tomography body scanner. It's actually more disgusting than I expected.

In total, he was carrying 830 gra,s of coke when he was arrested on September 12 at Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when he was about to take a flight to Brussels, Belgium. That's $US207,000 in the market.

Drug mules get paid from $US1600 to more than $US8000 per trip. [Independent via MSNBC]



    Who else saw that and was reminded of Dr. Mario?

    I don't understand how he was living.

      Unlike what the picture suggests (everything being hastily chucked in), the image does not show how everything is still contained by, and follows the Gastrointestinal tract. The same would happen if you ate a large (830g) meal. The CT just conveniently separates packages.

      Poor guy. If just one of these bags popped, he could have died from internal OD.

    It would be a lot more palatable if they were digitally-coloured anything other than blood red. He looks like he's full of fat maggots.

    Imagine the work it will take to poop them all out. Maybe this is how the 'goatse' gets created?

    So about 2 million dollars pm the Aussie market! We get ripped off

    So about 2 million dollars on the Aussie market! We get ripped off

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