The Weirdest Things The FDA Thinks Will Kill You

The Weirdest Things The FDA Thinks Will Kill You

At first glance, the US Federal Drug Administration’s Flickr stream of recalled products seems a bit ridiculous. But if you’re constantly on Flickr and you care about your health, the life you save could be your own. Or, you, know, the laugh.

The usual suspects are in there — eggs, cheeses, random vegetables — but we did find a few more surprising gems. Remember: only you can keep your family safe from potentially lethal neck massagers.

Shoulderflex Massager

This neck massager killed a person. No seriously, this thing is more dangerous than that creepy gym couch that kept rubbing your neck at the volleyball meet.[imgclear]

Simply Thick Thickening Gel

This was pulled because they didn’t file paperwork or something boring like that. The name just keeps cracking me up.[imgclear]

Grillers’ Blend Cat Food

Pulled for potential health risks. Apparently it made your cat think it could grill outdoors without proper cooking utensils.

Toxic Waste Bubble Gum

You mean to tell me a candy with the name Toxic Waste had trace amounts of lead that could cause health problems? They really should have seen that one coming.[imgclear]

Toffuti Milk-Free Cones

Pulled because of possible trace level of milk contamination. Wamp wamp.[imgclear]

Duro Extend Male Enhancer

The link to why this was pulled is dead. But we have some pretty good ideas why you shouldn’t put this in your mouth.[imgclear]