The Original Homepages Of Facebook, Twitter And Google Were Fugly

The old web was like the wild west, you just chopped some wood, threw it together and hoped it stood up. Kind of like what Google, Twitter and Facebook did, they just slapped a logo and some text together and called it a day.

Kottke showed off these ridiculous website origins of the multibazilliongillionzillion dollar companies that've changed the world. Hard to believe their beginnings were so humble. Twitter, especially, looks like the girl in high school with braces, thick glasses and frizzy hair who turned out to be the most beautiful of 'em all come reunion time. Good job. [Kottke]

We've seen this before, good to know it's always been sorta creepy.

Google looks like the crappy websites that litter themselves with Google AdSense these days.

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