The iNecklace Shows Strangers If You're Turned On

OK, it doesn't actually indicate your arousal. But the folks behind the iCufflinks are at it again, with a glowing power button necklace that looks suspiciously like the power button found on a certain computer company's systems.

The resemblance to all things Apple is more than just coincidental. The default pulsing pattern is identical to that found on Macbook models. Adafruit states that they reverse engineered it to avoid the wrath of Apple's lawyers. For those who prefer a little freedom with their jewellery, it's worth noting that the iNecklace design itself is entirely open sourced, so if you fancy making one yourself with any pulsing pattern you'd care to name, you can go nuts. Those with less impetus to hack can buy one directly from Adafruit industries for $75, although at the time of writing they're currently out of stock.[Adafruit via Macrumors]

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