The Future According To Movies [Infographic]

Hollywood and anime has imagined a whole world of tech ahead of us, and this great timeline shows where films are set in our possible future. I love sci-fi, so it’s fun to see that Back To The Future II’s hoverboards, Robocop’s mechanical law enforcement, and The 6th Day’s human cloning are all set just a few years away in 2015.

I’d also forgotten The Running Man (starring Arnie in 1987) was set in 2017 — despite Stephen King’s 1982 book placing events in 2025. What must have seemed like far-fetched dystopian futures 20 and 30 years ago, now seem like plausible satire in today’s content-hungry world with a morbid addiction to reality TV and live coverage of natural disasters. [Tremulant Design via Geek Tyrant via First Showing]

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