Free Flexor: Creepy Muscle Gadget For Shake Weight Fans

OK. Seriously. The Shake Weight was one thing. But this thing? There's no way it's not overtly about a different kind of taking care of yourself. WTF?

The Free Flexor is just a pliant cord with two weights on the end. They call it "circular strength technology". But no, you're just jacking off a giant floppy weight. Not convinced? These dudes grunting whilst training sure seem to be enjoying it. 1:38 — I rest my case. Their muscles are crying! Their bodies are on fire! "I have to switch arms!" The grunts! I fail to see how this is giving you any kind of workout you can't give yourself... for free. But if you combined this with a Shake Weight and a Fleshlight, you might indeed have the Ultimate Body Destruction Workout. [The Consumerist]

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