The Dead Live Forever On The Internet

The Dead Live Forever On The Internet

Sorry folks, this story is not about the hippie band from San Francisco. It’s about dead people and the websites that let you memorialise them.

It sounds macabre, but we live our lives on the internet, shouldn’t our death have a place online, too?

Two online destinations dedicated to the dead are I-Tomb and I-Memorial. I-Tomb is a place for people to honour someone who has passed away, while I-Memorial,is a place for the dying to leave their last wishes.

And there’s the other social networks, too. We’ve already covered what happens to your Facebook profile or Twitter account (hint: they can live on long after you’re gone). And, of course, you can always create your own blog like Derek Miller, who chronicled his struggle and eventual death from colorectal cancer. It’s one of the most touching collections of online writing I’ve ever read. [I-Tomb and I-Memorial via ChipChick]

Image: Robert Hoetink and Pavels Hotulevs/Shutterstock