The Best Videos Of The Week

The Best Videos Of The Week

From idiots dodging trains to 3D Pixar footage from 1972 and human slingshots…here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was.

Why Do Idiots Keep Trying To Outrun Speeding Trains?

There is clearly some kind of locomotive Darwinism at work, but miraculously both of these idiots (including an Australian) survived. We hope these serve as a warning to not ever be this stupid. View »

Two Chatbots Face Off To Discuss God And Unicorns

The sick bastards at Cornell’s Creative Machines Lab thought it’d be a hoot to force two chatbot AI programs to talk to one another. The result is deranged, extremely uncomfortable, a fraught with hostility. Much like real human interaction! View »


Jaw-Dropping Super Slow-Motion Footage of the World’s Scariest Wave

Tahiti is home not only to a million resorts, but also to the deadliest wave in the world. Known as “The End of the Road”, it is the stuff of hydraulic nightmares, and this new footage is absolutely jaw-dropping. View »


Startling Video Shows the Dramatic Effect of Humans on Earth

Anthropologist and Gizmodo friend Félix Pharand is mapping the effect of humans on planet Earth. His latest video-which shows cities, transmission lines, pipelines, roads and railways with amazing detail-is simply spectacular. View »


Watch People Get Flung Hundreds of Feet by a Human Slingshot Slip and Slide

If I could do one thing before the summer was over, I’d want to set up a giant slingshot anchored to a truck and drawn by an off-road vehicle that hurled me down a humongous slip and slide, careening wildly into a lake. View »


We Surf With Fire Now

Some surfers reach great heights. Some stay up for great distances. And some, as of just very recently, attach freaking flares to the back of their boards in a fiery cataclysm of curl. View »

1972: The First Digital 3D Rendered Film Was Made By Pixar

I support everything Pixar — well, everything other than Cars. So this early, early footage of a 3D hand from 1972, which was made by Pixar founder Ed Catmull and Fred Parker, is just so, so awesome. View »

George Lucas Confirms More Changes On Blu-ray Star Wars

Following the rumours of more changes in the Blu-ray edition of Star Wars, a Lucasfilm spokesman has confirmed that some scenes will indeed be tweaked. For instance, Darth Vader screams in the video after the jump. View »