The Best Videos Of The Week

The Best Videos Of The Week

From motorcyclists riding through explosions ninjas jumping over cars… here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was.

Crazy Guy Puts Out a Fire With a Vacuum Cleaner

Do you know the one about the guy who tries to put out a fire with a bloody vacuum cleaner? Yes, me neither, because that’s stupid, right? Well, it works. View »

Confused Bird Tries To Enter Walk Down An Escalator Going The Wrong Way

“He’s never gonna get there!” “He doesn’t know that, though!” Oh, stoners! View »

Stephen Colbert Spoils Movies, Life in General

In a study released last month, researchers claimed people actually enjoy a story more if they’ve been given spoilers beforehand. While many are bound to disagree with those findings, Stephen Colbert took to tonight’s Report to prove them right — and it was awesome. View »

Watch an amazing motorcyclist ride through an explosion

The second most shocking thing about this video is that any of the Isle of Man Grand Prix riders can straddle a motorcycle with cojones the size of kettle bells. View »

Freddie Wong is Officially The Man Now

We would never call master filmmaker Freddie Wong a sell-out. But, the use of the SharpShooter and the Resistance 3 setting, right as both are part of a big ad campaign, does make it seem this was, well, commissioned. View »

Soccer Player Disgraces Self, Team, Descendants Forever With Awful Penalty Kick

Here’s Amir Sayoud, playing for Egyptian side Al-Ahly in the Egypt Cup, doing his absolute best to make a mockery of the game with a penalty kick that never really got going. View »

Google Doodle Honours Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday

Today marks the 65th birthday anniversary of legendary Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, and to celebrate the Googles have come up with this animated tribute inspired by the late, great(est) singer’s lyrics, whimsical style, and flashy stage costumes. View »

Watch Michael J. Fox Show Off the Nike Air Mag on Letterman

Michael J. Fox showed up on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to officially announce the Nike Air Mag (aka the Back to the Future shoes). It’s Marty McFly himself, ladies and gentlemen! View »

3-Year-Old Dressed Up As Pretty Woman And Not The Classy Dinner Scene Version

If you could dress your three-year-old up as anything in the world, it’d be a prostitute, right? What’s that you say? You’d dress your toddler up to resemble anything BUT that? View »

There is Definitely Something Fishy About the Steam Version of Dead Island

Last night before I hit the sack I set up a download of the Steam version of Techland’s Dead Island. This morning I woke up to a discovery: this doesn’t seem to be the right version of the game. View »

Watch this ninja flip over a speeding Acura NSX

You thought Milwaukee was all cheese and statues of the Fonz? Nope. It’s also where a modern-day ninja recently performed a front parkour flip over a speeding Acura NSX. View »

Conan O’Brien Makes Fun of Apple’s Lost iPhone 5

Conan O’Brien released a hilarious spoof of an Apple product video, in which the company pleads for its missing iPhone 5 while touting the features that promise to bring grief to whoever’s got it. It’s definitely worth a watch. View »

OK, Who Drew a Penis on the Google Maps Camera?

Be honest: If you had a green marker, and you saw the weird-looking car-mounted camera used to take pictures for Google Maps Street View, what would you do? View »

Your First Look at the Official Uncharted 3 Commercial

Sony kicks off their television campaign for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception with this brand new commercial tonight. View »

Watch an angry man with a bat pummel a moving car

Here’s the setup. The driver of a green Toyota, manoeuvring through an alley in Taiwan, apparently pisses off two guys, one of whom jumps up on his hood and goes ro-sham-bo on his windshield. View »

Rafael Nadal’s Leg Cramps Made For An Awkward Press Conference Yesterday

This video will make anyone who’s ever suffered from a muscle cramp cringe. Rafael Nadal was settling in for a post-match press conference yesterday when he was suddenly hit with the pain of a stiffened calf muscle. View »

Lab Chimps See Daylight For First Time

Imagine being locked up inside for 30 years, without ever seeing the sun. That’s what these lab chimps went through, while also being used as test subjects by a pharmaceutical company for HIV and hepatitis. View »

Why Do The Dance Moms Subject Their Kids To This Woman?

Abby Lee Miller is an angry beast whose voice is about two Virginia Slims away from Freddy Krueger’s. She’s part scary, part ridiculous, and mostly awful. View »

America’s Favourite European Man Expert Is Back

Remember Katherine Chloé Cahoon, the nation’s foremost authority on how to meet European men? Well she is back! And she’s brought some friends with her. View »

Super Mario Bros Done DIY In A Beautiful Little Cardboard Box

There’s a little surprise in this unassuming cardboard box: a physical side-scroller, a paper-based re-imagining of Nintendo classic Super Mario Bros. View »

Watch a 150-supercar traffic jam

The inhabitants of the British Isles have been herding for millennia, yet the Brit organisers of this summer’s Wilton House event needed a little help to organise the 150 supercars attending the gathering into a proper group. View »


All apologies to your domesticated furball, who I’m sure strikes adorably schizo poses chasing reflected light around your apartment, but come on. They can’t measure up against a freaking lioness versus a freaking laser. View »

Jon Stewart Puts Another Nail in Mitt Romney’s Political Coffin

The only thing more obvious than the impracticality of Mitt Romney’s economic proposals is how desperate he is to be elected. Or as Jon Stewart put it on tonight’s Daily Show: “You want to be President so bad, Al Gore can taste it!” View »