Telstra's Getting Into The Secret Device Launch Game Too

Vodafone's started a rather wacky trend, it seems. On Monday it announced signups for a mystery phone, without revealing much in the way of details. Now it seems Telstra wants some of that sweet we're-not-really-saying-anything action too. Telstra's signup page is even less specific than Vodafone's. Unlike Vodafone, there's no mention of "Apple News" in the source code, just a non-specific signup page for when "the latest hot new phone becomes available." It's at least rather explicit about what you won't get, noting that

This expression of interest does not guarantee or entitle the registrant the right to purchase any handset(s)/device(s) either prior to or after the market launch."

Or in other words, Telstra would like your contact details very much, please. Do you feel like handing them over? [Telstra] Image: Telstra

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