Telstra's First LTE Phone Will Be The HTC 4G

At the briefings for its 4G service that isn't quite 4G, Telstra also showed off the first LTE phone it'll offer early next year. First impressions and video after the jump. For once I would have liked that video to run for more than 30 seconds, but that was about all the time I had to play with an early sample of the phone that Telstra's simply calling the HTC 4G. I've got to tip my hat here to Ross Catanzariti at PC World; he's figured out that the phone is a modified version of the HTC Raider 4G, something that eluded me when I was cutting that video together. That means that, unless Telstra modifies the recipe, it'll have 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a 1620 mAh battery to run the qHD display screen.

The claim yesterday was that Telstra was 'working' with 'most' of its device partners on LTE phones, as well as tablets, but the HTC 4G would be its launch effort, due in the first half of 2012. The look is interesting; it's not quite what I'd expect from HTC, with tones of the design of the Samsung Galaxy S II in there, but as it's an early sample, the final build models might be slightly different, and probably Telstra branded to boot.


    I think it would be great to have a lte phone but without voice call switching would make voip a great way to make very cheap phone calls on a mobile and you would have to get a bit more data on the plan like about 5 gb and have a landline phone number for about $10 a month and calling someone on the same voip provider to call them for free but you just get charged for data and talking to the other person all afternoon for free. I hope telstra gets lte compatable phones that are 700 mhz 1.8 ghz and 2.6 ghz ready as well running on the next g 850 mhz network witch would make alot of sense

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