Television 4: What Is It Good For?

I'm tempted to go all Edwin Starr on the news of a new digital channel that'll serve (essentially) just ads. Do we need to use up digital spectrum like this? TechAU reports on a new digital television station launched yesterday for regional markets in NSW, VIC, ACT and the Gold Coast. Sure, most of the secondary digital channels launched by the incumbent free to air broadcasters have been littered with re-runs of programs that are a little by their sell-by date, but at least that targets a certain market segment.

Is there really a market for a channel that, from its own information page, only offers "access to information about products and services as well as special offers and deals in their areas"? Isn't that niche over-saturated in morning talk shows and early AM infomercials already? [Television 4 via TechAU]

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