‘Stay Away,’ Says 50,000-Strong Anti-Terrorism Wonder

‘Stay Away,’ Says 50,000-Strong Anti-Terrorism Wonder

The American 60 Minutes profile of New York City’s massive anti-terrorism network was nothing short of amazing: 35,000 police, 15,000 civilians unattended bag-tracking artificial intelligence. Cameras, oh the cameras! One message for potential terrorists: “Stay away.”

That’s the message, plain and simple, that New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly had for anyone thinking of making an attack against the city.

Jaw-dropping highlights from the segment include increadible AI (spots unattended bags and alerts authorities), colour-based AI (“computer, please track all red shirts in view of video feed”) and a camera system that would probably give surveillance-happy London a run for its money.

Rounding it all out was a radiation detection system that is apparently so sensitive there were false positives occurring with citizens who had recently completed radiation therapy On top of that the system is exhaustively expansive: police trucks, cars, outposts and officers all have some form of the detector installed or on their person at all times.

The system, 10 years in the making, has purportedly stopped or prevented 13 terrorists plots against the city. [60 Minutes]