Speakal's iHog Is A Pig-Shaped Speaker For Pork Lovers

Pigs. Pork. Bacon. Ham. Belly. Shoulder. Chops. Sausages. Iberian. Serrano. I don't care, I love it all. And the only way to properly honour my love for pork is to buy Speakal's ridculous pig-shaped speaker where you change the volume by pressings its ears.

Speakal has long made funky speakers that wouldn't get an audiophile off but would crack up an ironic hipster. Like the panda speaker. Or the iPig, which was the "cool" version of the pig speaker. But the iHog is a portable version so you can always bring the piggy speaker with you, like you know to pig roasts and stuff. There are five speakers and a 20W woofer that oinks 2.1 stereo sound. The batteries last for 10 hours. $US120. [Speakal via CNET]

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