Sony's MDR-NC200D Headphones Help Kill The (External) Noise

Maybe you spend more time on a plane than you do your house. Or maybe you just live/work/suffer with someone who talks REALLY REALLY LOUD. Sony's latest noise-cancelling headphones, the MDR-NC200D, are made for someone like you.

Equipped with 40mm drivers and Sony's own digital cancelling technology — which listens to the noise around you, then adjusts accordingly — these on-ear headphones feature digital equalisation and amplification, as well as an in-flight adaptor.

There's also a new in-ear version of these headphones, the MDR-NC100D, which has the same active noise-cancelling technology and in-flight adaptor.

The on-ear MDR-NC200D and in-ear MDR-NC100D will be available later this month for $US200 and $US150, respectively. [Sony]

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